Drug Testing Software Management Suite (DTSMS) will provide immediate return on your investment. It is the most powerful software in its class by providing the fastest file importing, criteria searching and selection function on the market for maintaining your drug testing program; it has been setting the standards for others to follow for nearly 10 years.

The Software will import over 1000 individual records in under 15 seconds and randomly select 25% exclusive individuals for drug testing and another 25% totally exclusive individuals (separate from drug) testing in under 20 seconds. You can perform the task quickly and efficiently and be done for the day.

Drug Testing Software Management Suite is a full featured drug testing suite management program.

About Us

Why to choose us?

Easy to use

DTSMS import wizard integrates seamlesslyExcel, CSV


DOT and Non-DOT compilent reports in a click

Unlimited Individuals

You can import unlimited individuals in a company

'YOU the voice of the customer’ were the biggest contributor for the development process during Version 4; enter only positive results, then with 2-mouse-clicks mark all other individuals negative for the same test; it is YOUR INVESTED TIME.

With many satisfied clients, you can rest assured the software has been tried and tested by the busiest and most complicated situations encountered in a diverse business and criminal detention operations. With our module free design, and an easy setup wizard introduces you to the software; add changes later as your organization changes. The administrator control function enables you to change your selection rates when required.